Beyond Minecraft Circle or Squares, Minecraft Chart
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Beyond Minecraft Circle or Squares, Minecraft Chart

This article will show you the potential that is held in our free Minecraft Circle chart download, which goes far beyond the mere circle. Included are charts for triangles, hexagons, octagons, and even five and six-pointed stars! So let’s have a look-see at what we can create from these more or less advanced shapes.

Triangles: Chart includes equilateral triangles (equal length sides and equal angles at the corners) and right “isosceles” triangles (half of a diagonally cut square). Triangular structures are exceptionally rare, if not unheard of, in the ancient world (pyramids don’t count; they have a square base for their layout), but in modern buildings, they are often seen making use of space left by street intersections with heavy angles.

Pentagon: Create your headquarters for military strategy! A shape with five equal sides and angles. A bit tricky to construct, but hey that’s what the Minecraft Circle chart plus is for; showing you how to make all kinds of shapes. Without it, building something like this would be a bit of a nightmare, so fill in your email on the home page so we can send you the charts for your constructing pleasure.

Hexagons: A shape with six equal sides and equal angles. Many fortresses made use of this shape, as it’s very strong. In the digital world, however, it gives you no real structural advantage apart from looking sweet and being historically accurate.

Octagon: An eight-sided object, all equal angles, and side lengths. This too was often used in castles, fortresses, and towers, perhaps even more often than the hexagon. They are also easier to build in Minecraft than a circle or hexagon, as you will see from the chart when we email it to you.

Five-pointed star: The proper name being a ‘pentagram’, as in a pentagon, meaning five sides. Now don’t get too excited; this symbol isn’t inherently good or evil and has been used for thousands of years by peoples and cultures all across the globe. It was often used more symbolically rather than for building structures, anyway.

Six-pointed star: Otherwise known as a hexagram. This one actually did see some rare use in buildings, often in fortresses, where the sharp corners and indentations made breaking into the walls incredibly difficult, as well as providing far more walls to line with guards armed with bows!

We here at Minecraft Circle just wanted to give you a sneak peek at what our charts have to offer. So sign up for it on the home page and provide your email address, and we will send it all your way! You can get building structures and designs that will knock the socks off your friends and other players.

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