Minecraft Circle Circular Structures in a Square World
minecraft circle

Minecraft Circle Circular Structures in a Square World

Minecraft Circle

There’s no doubt that a Minecraft Circle may be a challenge to layout, but it can be very rewarding to go through the effort of designing some curvature into at least some of your structures. Let’s face it; it makes things come to life just that much more.

There are simple, easy to follow plans that can be found on our Home page, which if you follow closely, will result in a breathtaking, spiraling cylindrical structure.

On a practical note, for whatever it’s worth, circles have less of a perimeter than squares (but also less surface area) for how wide they are (diameter), so your structure will be easier to maneuver around compared to a square with its jutting corners. But let’s face it; who’s playing this game to be practical? Let’s move onto FUN!

Minecraft Circle Chart

Perhaps this is an obvious point, but the larger the circular structure, the more smooth the circle will appear in Minecraft. You of course must balance this with knowing you have to build it to the top once you lay the groundwork.

So strike the balance that fits your playing style; big, sprawling smoothly rendered (at least at a distance) Minecraft circle structures or smaller, boxier, but way faster to create Minecraft circle structures.

You can look at the Minecraft Circle chart provided to ponder which is best for how much time investment you want to put into it, and how big the area is that you wish to fill with this structure.

Also an important note, and a time-saver, is that cubes meeting edge to edge (caddy-corner) and not surface to surface in the game will still be considered a solid wall, both visually not allowing any gap to see through, and also serving as a sure barricade for players and mobs.

What this means for you is you don’t need to double up additional bricks where two columns of blocks meet only caddy-corner (or kitty-corner if you prefer) instead of touching surface to surface in order to fill any gaps.

However, for you Survival mode players, this also means it will be that much easier for other players, or even Endermen, to break in from time to time. So if you are on Survival mode, you have to think defense as well.

I hope this gives you a good start in designing your structure. We’ll move onto some grander design schemes in the next Minecraft Circle article.

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