Guard Towers In Minecraft
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Guard Towers In Minecraft

Everybody’s favorite Minecraft circle structure, the guard tower, is more than just a fun thing to build. It is probably the single structure in the game that serves a purpose as close to the real life counterpart as can be expected. So have fun creating it, but, especially for those playing Survival mode, don’t forget to actually use it! Here are some suggested building additions to the guard tower, as well as how make the most use of it now that it’s built.

Creating And Using Guard Towers

Guard towers were used as lookout posts, giving not only elevation to see over the countryside, but also protection for the soldiers and of the nearby lands. If someone was trespassing on the territory and taking natural resources that belonged to the royalty, the soldiers could yell out a warning, or even start firing upon the intruders! But when that happened things would get ugly fast. Let’s look at how guard towers were constructed with defense in mind.

Battlements: Don’t forget that if a real world guard tower was built, it more often than not has seen combat. Don’t expect your Survival mode guard tower to be any different! Make it pretty, but make it functional too. Battlements were built upon the top section of guard towers and castles to give the defenders something to hide behind from enemy fire. It is simply a section of wall that has some slots missing from it in increments, so archers could pop out, fire their arrows, and duck back behind the wall to safely reload.

If your tower is tall enough, you could have more than one set of battlements for your garrison to occupy. On lower levels, you could create protruding walkways to go around the tower, sort of like a wrap around porch. This way you can fit double, or even triple if your tower is really tall, the amount of men who can face and gun down the enemy. These should also have battlements for your men’s sake. You may wish to also make the roof of the guard tower also protrude, or overhang, so that way the guys on the top have a clear shot straight down without the lower level battlements blocking their view.

“Murder Holes”: These usually refer to holes in the upper floors of a defensive structure that allowed the defenders to rain down all sorts of unpleasantness upon attackers who had actually begun to infiltrate the building.

Once inside, the entrance to the next floor was blocked in by the defenders, whether through manpower or by boarding the door shut. As the attackers would try to break in, these little holes would allow arrow fire from above, or worse yet, to dump hot oil through! As you can imagine, just when the attackers think they made some headway by actually getting inside the building, they realize their brutal siege has only just begun!

Are you inspired? I am! Check out our Minecraft circle charts, build some towers and protect your realm!

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